Alexandra Park and Palace Charitable Trust is a registered charity, responsible for the upkeep of the building and the grounds, for the benefit of the public, forever.

This much loved venue has a fascinating and unique history, but the passage of time has taken its toll on the building. Although much loved for sporting events, exhibitions and concerts, around 40% of the building is currently derelict – including the Palace’s most historic spaces, the Television Studios and the Victorian Theatre.

The East Wing Restoration Project will transform the eastern end of Alexandra Palace into a new cultural destination, to rival the best on offer elsewhere in London, while doing justice to the building’s rich and eclectic history. It is part of a sustainable, long-term plan for Alexandra Palace which will see it achieve its full potential and safeguard it for future generations.

Alexandra Palace was home to the first regular high-definition television service in the world, and is known globally as the birthplace of television. Initially broadcasting on rival systems each day, it quickly became clear that the experimental technology of the EMI-Marconi system offered the most scope for development.

The Victorian Theatre is an incredible piece of theatrical history, the existence of which is not widely known.It remains frozen in time, with much of the original décor and stage machinery still in place. It was created to showcase opera, musicals, plays and all kinds of entertainment – ‘wonder and spectacle’ for the people. It even hosted early cinema screenings.

Working in conjunction with award-winning architects Fielden Clegg Bradley Studios and leading theatre designers Charcoal Blue, the restoration plans will create an adaptable performance space for an audience of up to 1,300, while retaining the original character and feel of the theatre.

This is your opportunity to support the restoration of the Victorian Theatre. Every donation received through this campaign will go directly towards this project, and every donation of £25 or more will be credited on a donor board in the East Court – a permanent tribute to those who played a part in transforming Alexandra Palace.

The quality of the theatre's internal and external decoration including the sculpture, plasterwork, historical associations, novelty and rarity of once-popular culture, make it very special... – The Theatre Trust Donate to the Victorian Theatre